A Life in Hungary (mission)

A film about resilience in an era of severe system changes

“The documentary is perfect, but I am only missing the chicken with paprika I prepared” *)

 -Klári herself


My experiences in Central Europe in the last four decades were my inspiration to make this documentary. I like the Central European social culture and meeting our friends there is always meaningful. Making this documentary gave me a far better understanding of the dynamics of this part of Europe, which is so near but also so different. And it gave me even more respect for my friends living there.



It is only one long day driving to Warsaw, Prague and Budapest. Yes, Europeans have some common ground. But I think we can only live peaceful together if we know and appreciate our diversity, the differences between North and South and between East and West. Living together in a community starts with a mutual understanding. I hope this documentary is a stimulus to be curious about our Central European partners and friends. In an attempt to postpone too easy judgements.


Central Europe: key role in 1914, 1989 and 2014

Central Europe plays a key role in our common history. Some historians say that the little 20th century started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie by Gavrilo Princip in Bosnia, the final trigger for WWI. And some historians say that this century ended with the collapse of the Iron Curtain. ‘The end of history’ was Fukayama’s bold statement in 1992.
The First World War started in Central Europe. And maybe the 20th century did not even finish yet. Russia and the West are struggling for influence in Central Europe (Ukraine). The future of the European community depends on the mutual respect of Western Europe and the Central European countries, including Hungary.

*) Don’t be afraid. The chicken with paprika dish will be in the final version of ‘A Life in Hungary’.


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