eye for change

Frank Ottenhoff

Organization developer | filmmaker | inspirer

What's your story?

Change and at the same time stay yourself? I can help. Tell your story: where are you from? What will your story of the future be? I help to discover, imagine, make concrete. And to implement step by step, changing habits. To anchor in work processes and structure.

Tell your story, imagine and implement. I work for people, groups and organizations.

“In response to incidents on the ships, Frank and his colleagues helped to make the way of working of the Offshore division more effective. As a result, we now operate more sharply in the market and our projects are more often ‘right in one go’.”

Joep Athmer – Director Offshore, van Oord

“Frank is an excellent facilitator in change processes. His participative approach consists of listening carefully, mirroring and letting people take ownership of the changes themselves and stimulate their entrepreneurship.”

Leo Visser – CEO Dorcas

“Frank immediately responded to the drive and feelings of the group. He energetically facilitated the afternoon and I saw the group’s self-confidence grow along the way. The group developed a drive to further strengthen its own role.”

Hans Amman, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam


Video for change

Using the power of images for change? Touch people and begin to move.


Documentary for deepening

Would you like to throw light on a complex subject and move people? A short or longer documentary takes effect.


Imagination workshop

Collaborate to create an image of the future? Create a movie item, painting or collage.


Picture book inspires

Do you want to preserve the content and atmosphere of an event? A picture book to remember.



Way of working

Existing habits in your organization an obstacle? How make new habits your own? How to innovate on existing strengths?

Leading people

Your people take their own responsibility. What does this mean to your leadership? Are you the leader you want to be? How do you want to put this into practice?


Using differences to make a difference. But how to do it? And how do you get teams or departments to work well together?

Make a difference

Do you want to increase your personal effectiveness? Then it’s time for a conversation. What’s your story? And what will your new story be?


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