Images move people

my mission

Human organizing for lasting results

Which stories in your team and organization determine the way of working? What will be the story to build your future? And then: how to change? The old stories reveal the power. Imagining the new story moves people.

We live in a tipping time. Now is the chance to organize in a more human way. For results that benefit the next generation. Living and changing together requires living in plurality. Not easy, but interesting and necessary. What is your desire?

Who am I?

It’s about people and collaborate (the psychologist in me).
Effective processes and structure can be of great support (the engineer in me).
Bringing together different insights and backgrounds and using the power of difference ensures agility (the Indo in me).
Stories make the organization, images touch and move people (the filmmaker in me).

What am I aiming for?

I help with leadership and strategic change. For individuals, organizations and teams. Change that matters. And that sticks.
I also focus on better relations within Europe. By cultivating a greater understanding of Central Europe.

My leitmotiv? Living together with the power of difference.